Telescopic cranes from FUCHS Fördertechnik GmbH are the ideal means of moving and positioning loads under special conditions at the transition points between outdoors and indoors, or indoors between two rooms, where the crane or cranes need to be ‘parked’ – seen or unseen – inside or within a certain space when not in use, due to space constrictions, for aesthetic reasons or as a corrosion protection measure. Telescopic cranes are usually mounted in crane runways welded to the ceiling or in carriages installed on the ceiling or wall. They move in a linear direction along the structure of the crane. Additional flexibility, so that the crane can move along the linear direction of travel to other points, can be achieved with an optional travelling trolley and/or an additional telescopic level. Telescopic cranes from FUCHS Fördertechnik GmbH are available individually or as a synchronised system in a parallel arrangement.

They are used on vessels, for example, to transport spare parts, work equipment, provisions, luggage, containers (for cargo, waste, ash, etc.) and flexible intermediate bulk containers (big bags), or to position portable gangways, or to lower and pick up tenders, rescue boats and submarines, as well as jet skis, motorbikes, small aircraft, life rafts and much more. There is also a range of different applications for these cranes in industrial production facilities and warehouses or in boatyards. They can be used wherever the customer’s imagination takes them.


Mr Peter Pfabe
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