Slewing jib cranes differ from other cranes first and foremost in the way they are installed on site. There are four different types of slewing jib crane:
  • Floor-mounted slewing jib cranes
  • Pillar-mounted slewing jib cranes
  • Wall-mounted slewing jib cranes
  • Ceiling-mounted slewing jib cranes
Floor-mounted slewing jib cranes come into play where customers need more outdoor flexibility on vessels, offshore platforms and wind turbines, for example, than they could get with fixed davits. Besides more flexibility, another advantage that floor-mounted slewing jib cranes have over davits is the additional rotation they provide, as was achieved in a project based on customer requirements. In another project, the floor-mounted slewing jib crane became the most flexible crane type in the FUCHS Fördertechnik GmbH product range: it can almost do everything, especially since there are often fewer space constrictions outdoors than below deck on vessels or inside rooms. Floor-mounted slewing jib cranes are available individually and can rotate up to 360°, stand upright, bend and go to the full length of the jib, so they can be stowed at minimal installation heights and even be hidden behind a hatch/flap system if desired – also available through FUCHS Fördertechnik GmbH.
If customers need to move loads inside vessels or offshore platforms, for example, or in production facilities/halls, and work around (temporary) barriers nearby without giving up loads of floor, wall or ceiling space, then pillar-mounted, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted slewing jib cranes are the ideal solution.
Slewing jib cranes from FUCHS Fördertechnik GmbH are used to lower tenders, rigid inflatable rescue boats (RIBs), life rafts and jet skis, for example, or to transport spare parts, work equipment, provisions and production goods, or to position portable gangways.


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