As an alternative to crane solutions inside vessels or offshore platforms, for example, or inside production facilities/halls, there is also the option of installing stationary rope winches or entire winch systems (with multiple rope winches) for hoisting and lowering loads with single or multi-point suspensions.

This type of solution is considered when a tender or submarine is moved directly into the vessel’s hull and lifted out of the water there or lowered back into the water.

But also independently of conventional hoisting devices such as cranes and crane systems, travelling trolleys, winches, and chain and wire rope hoists customers have the option of transporting loads individually to the water or land. Our lifting systems might be used, for example, if the location or structural conditions of the desired site do not allow for the use of a crane, but loads such as life raft containers, tenders, jet skis, sonar equipment or autonomous underwater vehicles, motorbikes or bicycles, or other goods still need to be moved.
Application examples of this can be found on vessels, motor vehicles, cargo aircraft, etc. FUCHS Fördertechnik GmbH designs and manufactures these systems in accordance with customers’ individual specification.


Mr Peter Pfabe
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